We're OMBU

We're a Web technology firm. We plan, build, and launch websites, applications, content management systems, and cloud infrastructures.


We make projects happen. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise, lean and rigorous processes, and a real commitment to our clients’ schedules and budgets.

Our most common engagement is to help design and implement websites and applications. Our experience and processes help define a targeted and sensible product that we can get to market quickly and cost-effectively.

A sample of the tools we use includes:

Some applications we built recently:

  • Facebook Apps: We architected and built Facebook contests for the clothing retailer PacSun. Customers were invited to upload their looks and vote one another’s style.
  • Ticketing System: We helped our client Evosus launch a support portal for their product. The portal includes ticketing, videos, forums, and a knowledge base. While the portal was part of Evosus' website for end-clients, it integrates directly into existing tools Evosus staff uses to manage customer support.
  • E-publishing: We helped W.H. Freeman design and develop an eBook publishing platform on which authors and editors can collaborate to write and review interactive university textbooks. After a book is complete, the system can output it as a mobile-friendly interactive website, as print-production XML, or as PDF files.

Our CMS practice has designed, built, and extended dozens of CMS systems of all sizes. Our specialty is on lean and correct implementation, and we're focused on delivering projects of lasting value, in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

For many CMS implementations we use Drupal, because:

  • Drupal is mature, robust, and well-suited to deployments of all sizes and specifications.
  • Drupal is popular and proven. In many cases, niche or custom solutions are unnecessary and difficult to maintain over time.
  • Drupal is Open Source Software, and works well with other open source technologies. This means that less project budget is spent on software licenses, and more can be used to implement the features you need.
  • Drupal has a large, established, and active user community.

The smartest decisions are often those made at the beginning of a project. Our years of experience developing, launching, and evolving platforms help clients make the best decisions from the get-go. Good early decisions save frustrations, time, and budgets, and result in products with enduring value.

Our planning and consulting practice helps clients:

  • Identify and document project requirements.
  • Choose the most effective technologies.
  • Integrate with existing systems correctly.
  • Recruit, assemble, and train team members.

Amazon Web Services are truly revolutionary, giving businesses affordable access to powerful tools and capacity. Since 2007, we've been helping our clients take advantage of Amazon's offering, delivering increased uptime and performance, scalability and resiliency - all while reducing fixed cost on infrastructure.

Some of the benefits of Amazon's cloud infrastructure include:

  • Affordable access to the same data centers and resources used by Netflix, NASA, Amazon, and Pinterest.
  • Best-in-industry tools, such as automated scaling, configuration management, and automated deployments.
  • Resources tailored to your current needs, with the ability to increase or decrease capacity automatically for optimal performance and lower fixed infrastructure costs.
  • Geographic distribution so that a failure at one location doesn't have to mean downtime.


Paramount Pictures

OMBU was honored to develop Paramount Pictures current website. This important site features a clean and light design implemented with a responsive front-end that automatically adjusts to smartphones, tablets, and desktop users. The site makes use of cutting-edge HTML5 technologies such as push-state navigation, video, and 3D transformations. OMBU's role in the project included technical planning, platform and infrastructure development, and the migration of Paramount’s extensive movie database. Site design by Sisu.

Lundquist College of Business

OMBU planned and developed a customized CMS for the five schools of the University of Oregon's Lundquist College of Business. The College needed a powerful publishing and moderation system capable of delivering its message in a forward-looking design that could reach their wide audience, on any device. We delivered a solution that not only met these requirements, but leveraged and extended existing University systems, such as their calendar and single sign-on solutions, so this shiny new website remained a good neighor in the University's web infrastructure. Site design by White Horse.

Car Talk

When the classic NPR radio show Car Talk saw that their growing web traffic was starting to clog their servers like rush hour traffic on I-95, they came to OMBU for the design and management of a cloud-based infrastructure that could handle pretty much anything. With that success under the timing belt, we then helped them make their porpular content available to smartphone users, their largest growing Web segment.

Stand For Children

Stand for Children is a national advocacy group for children's education, with headquarters in Portland, OR. When they asked for assistance with a new site, we raised our hands high above our heads. The goal was to deploy a site that wouldn't just serve their current needs, but also be the foundation for an ambitious multi-year roll-out and keep up with the organization's rapid growth. Site design by Swift Collective.


Martin Rio


Seasoned Web architect, team lead, and client advocate. Thrives on making projects happen and seeing them succeed. Cook, pet trainer, and craft brew assessor.

Jonathan Glick

Development Lead

Seasoned developer in many languages. Enjoys full-stack development. Javascript junkie. Homemade costume enthusiast.

Adam Page

User Experience Lead

UX explorer, IX specialist, UI developer. Cyclist, diver, traveler, and gamer of board & video.

Danielle Kulczyk

Project Management Lead

Sushi enthusiast, barre master, kitten herder, appreciator of all things mid-century modern, list-making junkie.

Andy Price

Senior Developer

Graphic designer turned full-stack web developer. Fluent in Drupal. Captivated by new technology. A family man who enjoys seeing life through the lens of a camera.

Diana Shifrina

Product Owner

Product owner with a penchant for ideation and problem-solving. Experience in leading and working on lean, high-impact teams. Fast walker, avid reader, everyday superhero.

Ben Hartig

Senior Developer

Drupal developer and connoisseur of tv shows, movies and video games.

Merissa Sibley

Office Manager

Marketer by profession, organizer by obsession. Runner, repurposer and lover of puzzles. Wife, mother, Yah seeker.

Tim Scott

Product Owner

Product owner and user advocate. Enjoys climbing mountains, moving earth & realizing visions.

Candice Newton

Senior Developer

Front-end web developer, responsive design enthusiast, and usability advocate. Player of the ukulele.

Henry Leineweber

Product Owner

Project manager with a background in journalism and non-profits. Amateur history nerd and policy wonk. Full-time toddler dad.

Erica Schubach


Tech savvy accountant. Skills to pay the bills. Hiker, paleta taste-tester, and beagle lover.

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