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OMBU is an Open Source Software technology expert specializing in designing and implementing enterprise CMS, custom applications and cloud hosting infrastructures. We've designed, built, and maintain some of the largest sites on the Web, from Portland State University's multi-site platform with 100+ sites, Paramount Pictures' site with 3000+ requests/second at peak times, and NPR's Car Talk with a community of over 35,000 users.

OMBU team members thrive in small, pragmatic teams, with well defined processes but a high degree of independence. Succeeding at OMBU requires passion for the Web, self management skills, commitment to the team and a getting-it-done attitude. OMBU is a true collaborative team and it is not unusual for the whole team to be involved in a project at some point or another.


  • A unique opportunity to become a part of a tight, functional team that consistently ships innovative, value-centric products to a growing portfolio of happy clients.
  • Exposure to a wide range of technologies, projects and industries, including entertainment, education, NGOs, and government, each with unique technical challenges.
  • A hassle-free, modern company with policies that reward pragmatism and results and puts a strong emphasis on life/work balance.
  • Competitive salaries based experience and excellent benefits.

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